barred rock chicken

Winter 2015 at the Farm

chicken tractors in winter
Our chicken tractors rest in tehsnow drifts dreaming of warmer days.
winter greenhouse
Outside the greenhouse the farm is under alot of snow. There has been much plowing and shoveling to be had. However, inside the greenhouses is a different story.
Claitonia or “miner’s lettuce” grows very well in the winter. We have a limited amount but it is delicious. This is an area of the farm we hope to expand next year. It can be very tricky growing food throughout the winter, but the pay-off is well worth the effort.
winter arugula
Winter arugula has a nice spicy taste while maintaining a hearty yet tender texture. Needless to say we’ve been eating like kings.
Our three katahdin ewes have been faring really well in the winter. They have a nice warm coat and we keep them well fed on hay from a local farmer in Washington Depot. This is “Porter” everyone’s favorite.
barred rock chicken
It’s time for your close-up! Our hens have been laying phenomenally. Our eggs are available on the farm 7 days a week if you can make it here. We are also joining the Litchfield Winter Farmers’ Market starting February 7th from 10-1.
winter chickens
Always looking to get on camera our chickens flock around me as I take some pictures in the second greenhouse. The birds have been doing great and I am really proud of how well they are laying considering the weather and the time of year.
kent falls brewery
From left to right our friend Dan, our Brewery Manager Barry, and our Head Brewer Derek are currently brewing a water batch. I took this photo on 2/3/15 and came inside to write this blog post. The brew house is up and running and they are running hot water through it to test all the connections and buttons before brewing their first batch this Friday. Click on the photo to go to the brewery website and learn more. So excited!!!
farm baby
Always end in Mabel! I seriously cannot get enough of this kid. She did this all by herself, sat down, pulled the blanket around herself, and started reading books. She’s not big onteh cold weather and is pretty eager for spring. She does love going in with the chickens though.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read the blog. I enjoy posting pictures and I hope you enjoy looking at them. Community is a large part of why I farm and supporting that community is a large part of why Camps Road Farm is in business.


Farmer John