October at Camps Road Farm

October is my favorite time of year on farm. The intensity of the work load is slowing down, the days are cooler, the fall colors are beautiful, and most importantly there’s no snow yet! It is a time of year to get big projects done before winter and sit back and enjoy a fall beer.

Here’s a quick over-view of what the farm is like in October:

pastured sheep
Our sheep have been rotating our pastures doing some mowing and fertilizing for us. They’ve really enjoyed the cooler weather. They are perfectly suited for the temperature change and their coats have been getting thicker as the temperatures drop.
frost on pasture
We have already had a couple of frosts on the property. The field crops are done at this point and we are busy planting the greenhouse for winter. That’s right, salad greens all winter.
chicken in green house
Speaking of greenhouses, our chickens are going to spend the winter in our greenhouse. Instead of bringing the chickens to the pasture we’re going to bring the pasture to the chickens. They will have a safe and warm home in greenhouse #2 with an outdoor run to get out and stretch their legs. We will give them a deep bedding system of pine shavings with a thick layer of hay on top.
orchard stakes
To prepare the orchard for winter we upgraded them to steel stakes. Not an easy task for the arms pounding all the stakes in, but the trees are very secure now.
rodent guards
To keep the young trees safe from hungry rodents we installed rodent guards. This keeps the pests out and the trees safe.
preparing garden beds
Our brewery is close to being in production. Knowing beer is coming it is time to start growing more than hops. We have been preparing ground for next year where we will have a brewer’s garden. Here Farmer Alan roto-tills the new ground.
catching chickens
Speaking of brewers, everyone pitches in to help out on the farm. Here Derek and Barry help me catch up the last batch of broilers for the season. Aside from being pro-chicken-wranglers they are great brewers.

Get the latest and greatest of where the brewery progress is at their Facebook Page Here.

farm baby
What is a farm blog post without a picture of the farm baby? Here Mabel is decked out in her fall farm attire eating kale right from the plant. She’s got some great ideas for what we’re going to grow in 2015 and is looking forward to all the possibilities and potential that the farm has.