red rangers in chicken tractors

May Farm Update

chickens in chicken tractors
We have birds out on pasture and the chicken CSA starts on June 6th this year. Things are going well and the birds are as good as ever! This batch started on the South of the farm and is working its’ way North.

For information on our Chicken CSA click here.

red rangers in chicken tractors
In addition to the white birds called “cornish cross” we are trying a new breed of meat chicken out on farm this year. They are called red rangers. They take longer to raise but they spend that time developing flavor. The meat will be a little darker on this birds. They are a “more heritage” variety than the white ones.
chicken mobile
Then of course there are our lovely ladies who are producing eggs for us. They are certainly happy that summer is now here. They have been cruising around pasture in their custom built chicken-mobile and loving every second of it.
pastured eggs
Our eggs are delicious! Well, at least I know I love them. They are also getting more rare as we scaled back the size of laying flock a bit. You can still get them at the New MIlford Farmers’ Market and on farm.
pastured sheep
And who can forget our sheep? They spent some time cleaning up the hop yard this spring before heading out on to pasture rotating before the birds. Porter, Boch, and Stout invite you to the farm any time to come and say hello!
Look at this cast of characters! Betsy, James, and I have been working very hard to get the farm where it needs to be this year. It is no small feat and they have been a great addition to the farm. More on them in future posts.
kent falls
It is ok to work hard for something, but you also have to take time to slow down and enjoy life. Here Kate, Mabel, and I went to Kent Falls to check out the namesake for the brewery. It was stunning and I recommend going if you have not yet. We had a wonderful day and were proud to come home and drink a beer from Kent Falls Brewing Company!

For a map of EVERYWHERE we currently have beer click here.

baby fire fighter
There have been a ton of projects on farm with a lot to get done every day. The list of to dos never seems to get shorter. Thank goodness we have a professional fire-fighter on staff to put out fires when we need!