Mutton Sausage

While we don’t often have sheep for sale, we do on occasion have some mutton sausage available. We are currently offering 1/2 and 1/4 sheep for sale by pre-order for a January delivery.

  • 1/4 Sheep = 10lbs
  • 1/2 Sheep = 20 lbs

The total weight comes in sausage in four different varieties mixed.

  • Mild Italian
  • Hot Italian (not quite that hot from our experience)
  • Merguez
  • Breakfast

Orders are on a first come – first served basis. Contact us here to reserve your 1/4 or half today!

About Your Sheep

2014-07-31_1406842052Our sheep are 100% raised on pasture. They only time they go inside is in a heavy snow, and even then they are fed hay. No grain, not ever. The sun grows their food, we don’t add anything to their diet aside from occasional free choice trace mineral supplements.

We are crazy about our pasture management here on farm and the sheep are a growing part of that. They live out on pasture, rotating in front of the chickens, mowing the grass or pruning the hop yard.

We will be processing two of our yearling ewes. Litchfield Prime Meats will be taking care of making sausage. We have used them in the past and they do a great job.

I can tell you from trying it, the sausage is incredible.


Sausage is $12 per pound

1/4 = 10lbs x $12 = $120

1/2 = 20lbs x $12 = $240

Orders are open until we run out. Expected delivery will be at the 1/17/15 New Milford Farmers’ Market at The Maxx on Railroad St. in downtown New Milford. Flavors will come evenly mixed between the orders. The sausage comes in 1lb packages with 4 sausage links in each package.

Contact us via e-mail here or at farm(at) and let me know if you want a 1/4 or a 1/2. Money due on receipt.