pastured pig

Woodlot and Pastured Pork 2017:

Everything you want in your pork:

  • delicious
  • environmentally responsible
  • humanely raised
  • organically fed
  • GMO-free
  • full of flavor
  • pork chops that don’t dry out easily

We are not a certified organic farm, however the feed we use is organic and non-GMO. Our pigs are also raised on pasture and woodlot to give them more natural forage. They are never on one spot for more than a week or so.

Pork available through our farm store:

For winter 2017 we are available by appointment. Farm store opens late Spring 2017.

Pork Cuts in Stock

  • chops
  • sweet sausage (sage, fennel, salt & pepper)
  • bacon
  • short ribs
  • ground