In the following videos, John Suscovich, manager of Camps Road Farm, talks with Nick Osbourne about hops. Nick is a good friend of CRF and was an integral part of our 2014 season. His background as a tank mechanic in the marines literally kept us up and running. His love of gardening began when he was a young boy working on his grandfather’s farm. In addition to loving hops, Nick is also a talented, amateur brewer who is always concocting different flavors using the fruit and veggies from his home garden.


hop farmHops are one of the biggest elements of Camps Road Farm. You can’t miss seeing the poles when you pull into the farm and thinking “what is that?” “That” is our hop yard. Also started in 2013 the hop yard is young, but has a bright future. It generally takes about 3 years to see good production from a hop yard. The hops go to serve our on-site brewery, Kent Falls Brewing.

We have plans in the future to propagate hop shoots from our plants to provide locally adapted hop varieties to home brewers in our area.