Camps Road Farm is proud to offer a Pastured Egg CSA all year.

What our chickens eat:

Our chickens are moved around the farm and spend their time between hanging out in the chicken coop and roaming through the fields looking for bugs and eating grass. The feed that we give them is certified organic and non-GMO from Morrison’s Feeds. We also give them scraps from the garden and our kitchen.

Where our chickens live:

Our chickens live in mobile coops on our farm. The coops are on wheels or sled to make them easy to move around. With the mobility of the chicken coops we are able to rotate them around our pastures to the benefit of all.

Pasture rotation works because…

  • chickens have fresh grass and bugs to eat
  • pasture land down not get ruined by the chicken’s manure and scratching habits
  • we have to manage less manure (always a good thing)
  • fields are rejuvenated by the spread of manure and the scratching of the ground
  • healthy chickens lay healthy eggs

How our eggs benefit you:

There are many benefits to buying eggs from a local farmer. You are getting a healthy product where you can see all the steps in the process any time you want by visiting the farm. You are helping to build the local economy. At the end of the day, you are getting a superior product for you and your family.

CSA options:

Local to the Farm

$20 per month

Pair it with our Chicken CSA for eggs and chicken all summer.

Summer CSA match is $100 for eggs and $480 for pastured chicken.

Pick-up is a the New Milford Farmers’ Market starting 5/10/2014 from 9-12 in the morning. Look for the Camps Road Farm tent where we will be selling chickens and pick-up for our Chicken CSA.