Chicken CSA

Camps Road Farm Chicken CSA 2017

Big Changes:

We are opening the brewery for tastings, remodeling the farm store, and upping our game on farm tours to make Camps Road Farm and Kent Falls Brewing Company a destination. Due to some changes on farm to accommodate our expansion we are unable to provide enough product and staff for the New Milford Farmers’ Market. Any CSA pick ups would be on farm during business hours.

We’re a little bummed not to be at the farmers’ market this year but excited to showcase all the hard work we have been doing on the farm and at the brewery.

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Who chicken?

Camps Road Farm is offering the chance to have a pasture raised chicken once a week for twenty weeks in 2017. Brought to you as fresh-frozen to be cooked and fed to your family and friends, or saved for the winter months when you are missing healthy local food and craving some roast chicken.

What chicken?

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100% all chicken, no bull!

Our chickens are raised on pasture, eating bugs, grass, and supplemental GMO-free grain grown without herbicides or pesticides. They live happy and healthy lives. They are given NO drugs of any kind. They enjoy fresh air, sun shine, and stress free lives.

If you ever have questions about our growing methods that we haven’t answered here, or is you just want to see for yourself you can contact us and schedule a visit to see the farm for yourself. We have nothing to hide.

You can also visit our YouTube channel for some fun farm videos.

Where chicken?

For chicken pick-up in 2017 we will be exclusively on property at the farm. The farm is located in at 33 Camps Rd. in Kent, CT.

Pick ups will be Saturdays on the farm from 12-6pm.

When chicken?

June through October

The Chicken CSA will last 20 weeks from the summer into fall. One chicken every week.

Half-share members get a chicken every other week, a total of 10 chickens over the summer.

If you miss a week because you are on vacation then we hold your bird until the next week.

roast chicken

Why chicken?

Camps Road Farm chickens are never fed any drugs or shenanigans. Instead they are given sunshine, clean water, bugs, grass, and local grains.

An independent study funded by the USDA Sustainable Agriculture and Research Education (SARE) Program found that compared to conventionally raised chickens, pasture raised chickens had 21% less total fat, 30% less saturated fat, and 28% fewer calories. The pasture raised chickens had essentially no fat in the breast meat, but had 50% more vitamin A and had significant levels of omega-3s, where conventional chickens had none.

Our chickens contain omega 3 fatty acids, something your body needs. Up to 30% of their diet comes from the grass they live on, making them a great source for this healthy nutrient.

By joining this Chicken CSA you are investing locally. We are locals, we buy from local businesses, and we support other local farmers.



How much chicken?

The Chicken CSA costs $500 for 20 weeks of chickens. On average chickens weigh 4+ lbs. Tax and everything else is included in this price.


How do you benefit?

Besides obviously having the best chicken you will ever eat (we’re confident about that) there are a number of ways you benefit from the CSA.

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  • In the height of summer birds grow quicker and can get up to 6 pounds. You’re locked in at the 4 pound price.
  • Demand is high and right now we are having trouble keeping up. This guarantees you good food all summer.
  • You can save the chickens for another day in the freezer (try that with a veggie CSA)
  • One bird gives you several meals!


chicken csa signup

You have several options to sign up:

Check by Mail:

  • Download our sign-up form by either clicking on the picture of the form or by clicking this link.
  • Fill out the form with the proper information.
  • Mail it in to the address on the form.
  • Wait for e-mail confirmation.

In person:

Or contact us for an in-person meeting or phone call.

Contact the Farm (Click HERE)


foodcyclistJohn Suscovich (farm manager)

(860) 338-8550
Camps Road Farm
33 Camps Rd.
Kent, CT 06757


Please note: If you follow Farmer John & Scott through Farm Marketing Solutions please use the FMS channels to get in touch with them. Do not call the farm or use the farm’s contact to reach them.