Farm Products

Camps Road Farm is a diversified farm specializing in pastured protein. In season we offer pastured raised chicken and pork. We also have 1 acre of hops for our on-farm brewery and 1.4 acres of apple trees for our off-farm distillery.

Pastured Broiler Chicken

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pastured broilerOur pastured broiler chickens will revolutionize the way you think of meat. Our broilers live out on pasture 10o% of the time. The diet of grass and bugs makes them more healthy and much more flavorful. We raise two breeds, the cornish-rock-cross and red rangers. They eat the same supplemental organically grown grain from Stone House Beef and Grain in Hudson, NY.

The chickens live out on pasture in mobile housing called chicken tractors. They are safe in an enclosed tractor that protects them from predators. The tractors are moved each day to a new spot so that the chickens have fresh grass and their manure never builds up. This makes for supremely healthy chickens, pasture, and people.

Pastured broilers are seasonal as they grow much better in warmer weather because the pasture is more lush. Broiler season tends to run June through October.

Broilers are sold through our farm stand and Chicken CSA

Pastured Pork

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pastured porkThese pigs are acquired from local sources, raised out on pasture where they enjoy doing the things that pigs do best: soaking up the sunshine, rooting and turning the pasture, and munching on apples from the farm. They have access to feed from Stone House Beef and Grain but enjoy a diet largely of seconds from our homestead and apples from our orchard.

Traditionally, one lucky pig is chosen to feed the hungry guests participating in our annual Hop Harvest. The rest can be purchased by the half or whole to be picked up in the fall. Sign up for our email newsletter for updates and availability through the season.

Our pork has also been the main feature of some highly enjoyed beer dinners put on by the Kent Falls Brewing Co. Chefs love working with our products because the care and treatment we give the animals produces some seriously high quality meat.

Apple Orchard

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young apple orcahrdThe apple orchard on Camps Road Farm got its start in 2013 and is still in its infancy. It takes roughly 5 years for a new orchard to see meaningful production. The apples will service our distillery, Neversink Spirits, located in Portchester, also in its beginning stages. The distillery will produce apple brandy and hard cider using apples from on farm.

We do have some apple trees that will be good for baking pies, making cider, and just plain good to eat. We are attempting to grow the orchard organically. I say attempting because it is incredibly difficult to do.

Hop Yard

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hop yardBy far and away one of the biggest elements of Camps Road Farm. You can’t miss seeing the poles when you pull into the farm and thinking “what is that?” “That” is our hop yard. Also started in 2013 the hop yard is young, but has a bright future. It generally takes about 3 years to see good production from a hop yard.

The hops are of several different varieties to let us see which produces best and to be able to brew a variety of beers. The hops go to serve our on-site brewery, Kent Falls Brewing.

We have plans in the future to propagate hop shoots from our plants to provide locally adapted hop varieties to home brewers in our area.