Camps Road Farm Mission Statement

Statement of Purpose:

To create a financially viable farm business that best makes use of available resources without sacrifice to animal, plant, or human welfare.

“Whole System Sustainability”

Quality of Life:

To enjoy what we do everyday. To be proud of our work and be respected for it. To not let farm work take over the lives of the staff causing them to make sacrifices to their health, family, or happiness. To work in a place where everyday is fun and free of interpersonal stress. To collaborate openly as a group working toward the realization of our statement of purpose. To create a farm that works with nature rather than against it. To create a beautiful place that people will want to visit. To create healthy food that people will want feed their families. To be creatively challenged while remaining focused on the larger goals. Create time for strategic planning, record keeping, and business development. To farm at or above organic standards.

What We Have to Produce:

Profit from our products and services. Fair wages for all of our staff. Services and products that are diversified but fit together as a whole sustainable package. An open, friendly, and collaborative work environment. A farm that is efficient, functional, and aesthetically beautiful. Professional work that we can all feel proud of.

Future Resource Base:


The public will see us as innovative, hard-working, knowledgeable, professional, helpful, and fun to hang out with.


Our farm will sustain a diversity of wildlife through planned habitat. Farming systems will work collaboratively with the surrounding wildlife to support each other. People will want to come visit the farm to enjoy our healthy farm products, walk our nature trails, sit and bird watch, and document us as an example of what can be achieved with sustainable agriculture.


The farm will be an active member of the community inviting any to visit the farm to help educate as well as taking part in local activities.

Camps Road Farm 10-20 Year Plan:

In 10 years Camps Road farm is an outstanding member of its’ local community.  We are seen as thought leaders, a positive case study of sustainability, and an innovative use of interlocking agricultural and business systems. Our staff has a good quality of life on and off the farm with a good balance between positive work environment and home life.

Camps Road Farm itself is a balanced landscape of sustainable agricultural practices and accessible wildlife habitat. The farm up-holds the clean history of the Kent watershed, mitigates the intrusion of invasive plants and animals, makes use of green energy alternatives, and works to build soil health year to year.

Camps Road Farm is a destination that people will travel to, to learn about green living, balanced eco-systems, and to find peace in a beautiful atmosphere. The farm is a balance of form and function. It will be a viable farm business with the polish of a Gentleman’s farm.

Camps Road Farm thoroughly documents and analyzes each system and shares that information with other farmers to help grow the sustainable agriculture community at large.