• Chicken, Pork, Veggies

    We raise chickens and pigs on pasture that are bound for the oven. We grow hops to use in our brewery, Kent Falls Brewing Company, as well as supply local home brewers. We strive to keep your mouth watering and your heart healthy.
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  • Farmers with a passion!

    It takes all hands on deck to grow and maintain a farm that strives to cultivate a symbiotic relationship with the environment and community. Come meet the crew of Camps Road Farm.
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  • These are our markets:

    Farm store opening in May. Thursday, Friday, Saturday. 33 Camps Rd. Kent, CT 06757
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camps road farmCamps Road Farm located in Kent, CT produces the finest pastured poultry in the area. Meat from our birds is seasonal during the summer and fall months.

Our chickens are raised out on pasture, fed organically grown non-GMO feed, and given the love and care they deserve. We sell at the New Milford Farmers’ Market which is on the green in downtown New Milford on Saturdays from 9-Noon May – November 21st. Then the market moves inside for the winter for: 12/5, 12/19, 1/2, 1/16, 1/30, 2/13, and 2/27.

Visit the New Milford Farmers’ Market site for more details.

Chickens are also available at The Smithy in downtown New Preston.

We also have a hop yard to service our on-farm brewery, and an apple orchard to service our off-farm distillery.

For the most current news and information please visit us on Facebook.


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2017 Season

This year Camps Road Farm will be providing the same pastured poultry, eggs, and pork that you have come to know and love, we’re just doing it a little differently.

Unfortunately we will not be a part of the New Milford Farmers’ Market . We are opening the farm up to beer tastings with our brewery Kent Falls Brewing Company. We are focusing on that big project this year and want to grow the farm to be a destination.

Our farm store will open late Spring with vegetables grown by Farmer Kate, pastured protein, and Kent Falls finest. Our open date now depends on construction timelines and license approvals. Everything is in order it now just comes down to waiting on outside contractors.


camps road farm


Sign up here if you want some farm news, updates on when limited release products are available (like CSA shares and pork) and for other farm fun and schenanigans.

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kent falls breweryOur Brewery elegantly weds the tastes and styles of Belgian farmhouse and northeast brewing traditions.  Our flagship styles are the saison, to represent our Belgian influences, and the porter, to represent our American heritage.  Each with their own balance and blend, is a unique and innovative product, produced in a sustainable, caring, and thoughtful manner.

The Brewery is NOT currently open to the public and we cannot let visitors in. We hope to be open by next Springand welcome you to visit us then. You can however come and visit the farm and see our farm store.

neversink spiritsOur mission is simple: We aim to produce top-quality spirits from local produce with innovative processes to ensure a sustainable process. Consumers have increasingly been eschewing the handful of large producers that have cornered the market since prohibition in favor of smaller producers. Distilleries like ours focus on the quality of inputs and hand-crafted production techniques.
camps road farmAside from raising chickens on pasture for meat, and growing diversified organic vegetables Camps Road Farm has two other very interesting areas of production.

We currently have roughly an acre and a half of hops growing to service our on-farm brewery Kent Falls Brewing Company.

Camps Road Farm also has about an acre and a half of organically managed apple orchard to service Neversink Spirits, our distillery in Portchester, NY. New York State liquor laws were a little kinder to us, hence the different location. The orchard went in the ground in early 2013 and looks to be into real production in about 5 years. The guys at Neversink will be distilling  with some of the apples we have from existing trees and other local farmers in the mean time.



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